Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[POST 2000!] Hunk-A-Lot Hump Day: Jason Statham

And who could be more perfect for my 2000th post here on Why Oh Why? than Mr. Perfect Jason Statham, of course!

It really is hard to believe that I've lasted as long as 2,000 posts. This doesn't even count the 350 posts over on Alzheimer's Moments. I know I've been remiss and it's been slow going lately. I've only been faithful to my Hump Day posts since I started them. I missed my Saturday Sh!ts & Giggles post last week for the first time since I started them. That was more due to lack of content than laziness. Nothing struck me funny enough that I considered it share worthy.

Over the years, I've tried lots of recurring themes to fill in the slow times. My long time readers may remember these (and I still use them occasionally).

• Hunk-A-Lot Hump Day
• Saturday Sh!ts & Giggles
• Face Lift Friday
• Wiggy Wednesday
• DoucheBag Of The Week
• Hero Of The Week
• Ed Weaver Is A Nitwit
• Pearls In The Necklace Of Life
• Recaps of LOST, Heroes, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol

When I started out, this blog was supposed to be funny and Alzheimer's Moments was going to be serious. As it turned out, and I/they found their voices, it was completely the opposite. I found that the only way to deal with my Mother's illness was through humor, and I could vent some anger here regarding the world and its many douchie inhabitants.

George Shrub was POTUS and I had a lot to complain write about. Now with Obama, there's still lots to say, but the whole political debate is exhausting and depressing. When I go into a funk, and you know I do, one of the remedies I prescribe for myself is NO cable news viewing.

The blog also served as an escape from the nearly 24/7 demands of being a caregiver to a person with increasingly debilitating dementia. A lifeline to the outside world.

The blog has evolved in its look several times. At first, I used a standard template. Then came the use of the photo of the bright yellow flower I took on a hike in Utah's Wasatch Mountains (which I may bring back this summer). Then I widened the blog by 100px so my photos could be larger. It now takes a bit more work but well worth it, and it gave me some experience with tinkering around with HTML. Last was the winter edition when I added the pic of the female cardinal that I took a couple years ago sitting on one of my bird feeders.

While I've tried to keep semi-anonymous here, and not reveal everything that was going on with me, I have always been completely honest in what I've chosen to share. Sometimes, though, I wonder if some of my readers that I've had the fortunate circumstances to meet get the person they expect? Am I portraying myself honestly while keeping a level of privacy? I suppose that while I feel I'm the same wherever I am, people get different versions of me. A professional when dealing with work, the dedicated son at my Mom's assisted living center, and an all-around worry wart about everywhere else!

Thanks to y'all for coming around and taking an interest. This would be an ideal time to end the blog, but I'm not there yet. I'm not as gung-ho, but it's still nice to have a comfortable place to go when I need to get things out of my head and on 'paper'.


Sean said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the next 2,000.

ArichNY said...

First, I can't believe 2000!!! Thank you for giving me the inspiration and encouragement when I started my blog as a result of your influence. And thank you for all of your support and friendship during a very difficult period in my life. I love you for that. And I miss you! I still marvel at your creativity and dedication! I'm glad our paths crossed and I'm looking forward to them crossing more often! Lastly, as for Jason Statham: a big HUBBA! HUBBA! He makes me want to transport things! :-)

Mom said...

Wow! 2000 is a lot of posts. i only know you through your 2 blogs. I have figured out that you are one of the good guys of this world.

cb said...

Mr. Statham is perfection!

cb said...

Mr. Statham is perfection!

Mark H said...

We have come to know you as a friend through this medium after meeting you in NY, and it's been a wonderful experience, so I hope it DOES continue, G, very much so, in ANY way you feel inspired to express yourself..........YOU do it beautifully..... Thanks, for your friendship.

rodger said...

The guy I met was more than I expected from reading your blog. Yes, you're honest and sincere but you're far more handsome in person!!

Congrats on the 2k posts...looking forward to many, many more.