Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Sh!ts & Giggles: Whiskas Temptations

Several weeks ago, I ask readers about a television commercial I'd seen about a cat that jumps several stories to get a bit of food. After that request, I saw the ad again and it was for Whiskas Temptations cat treats.

Reader Greg from the UK found this spot. It is a UK version of what I saw. The US version has different actors, setting, and a black and white cat. The premise is the same.

Here's the US cat in a different ad.

In my search, I found the following two ads that are cute as anything. Is this cat the most friendly little squirt you ever did see? I think it's the same kitty in both.

I love cats.

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Sean said...

Those are cute. I have to say my doggies do the same thing only they wait the two seconds for gravity to bring the treats to them.

Actually, I've stopped calling them treats and call it crack instead because of their addict like reactions any and all treats.