Thursday, April 01, 2010

TV Tuesday On Thursday: LOST

Yep, I'm still lost.

• It seems that the story is getting really Biblical which leaves me out in the cold.
• I'm not sure if Jacob is good, or necessarily that Old Smokey is bad.
• I think Terry O'Quinn is doing an excellent job in his transition from playing John Locke to the Locke Ness Monster. I don't think of him as the old JL at all.
• I'm glad that Martin Keamy is back this year. He's so Christopher Walken-ish creepy!

This is the first show in a long time that I don't want to end.

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Jodi said...

Me too! I love it. I'm also liking Ben more and more. One of my friends predicted it would end with Sawyer & Jack having the same conversation near the beach as Jacob & The Man In Black had about "loopholes".

I'm REALLY confused though. The side stories show Sun & Jin what have happened if the plane didn't crash. Question 1) Were they just pretending not to be married? Question 2) When she got shot...she said she was pregnant...on the show it was determined that she got pregnant on the island. I'm confused.

I just need Sawyer & Hurley to make it out alive. That is all I know for sure. LOL