Tuesday, June 15, 2010

McDonald's COO Goes Christianist

Joe.My.God. reports that the COO of McDonald's is spouting his anti-gay "Christian" values regarding the inclusive ad developed by McDonald's-France.

You can contact McDonald's here:

Here's what I submitted:

I can't believe the statement I just read from McDonald's Chief Operating Officer Donald Thompson.

His assertion that his "Christian Values" dictate that an American version of the French gay commercial will never run in the US, is a frightening imposition of his religion.

Why is promoting McDonald's as a welcoming place to all a bad thing? And why is it un-Christian? And why is it against "McDonald's values"?

I have many many choices of restaurants. I'll spend my money at places where I'm actually welcome.
Go and tell them how you feel!

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Jenn said...

Gav, here is the response I sent to McDonals and plan to share with other media sites.

"Dear McDonalds, I am a Christian woman and felt compelled to respond to the latest news regarding McDonalds. I want to remind your COO that God instructs us to "Love thy neighbor"...he does not define the race, creed or sexual orientation of our neighbor therefore you COO should spend less time in the news and more time reading his bible. Further, as a shareholder of McDonald vendors, I would like to remind him that McDonalds is a business and as such should not make general statements that impact revenue!"