Friday, July 02, 2010

Review: Celebrity Autobiography

The concept of Celebrity Autobiography is rather simple. Gather some stand-up comedians and have them read (ridiculous) passages from the autobiographies of famous people.

I went to the "Gay Pride Edition" at the Gramercy Theater in New York's Flatiron neighborhood. I opted for a $25 ticket in the balcony instead of the $125 option with seats on the floor and a meet and greet before the show.

Different performers are in it on any given night. In the performance I saw, Bruce Vilanch, Mario Cantone, Kristen Johnston, Rachel Dratch, Cheyenne Jackson, B.D. Wong, and John Cameron Mitchell were the celebrities along with show creators Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel.

Bruce was great as Star Jones, Rachel as Joan Lunden, and Kristen was fantastic as Elizabeth Taylor during a multi-actor skit about her husband stealing of Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds. My favorite bit was B.D. Wong as Geraldo Rivera, who pursues Liza Minelli impersonated by Mario, during the days of Studio 54.

It was humorous throughout. An unusual setup that allows you to see a bunch of celebs on stage in a single evening for a reasonable price.

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