Thursday, September 28, 2006

Christian Coalition Of Georgia Leaves The National Group

News Item: The Georgia branch of the Christian Coalition has decided to leave the national organization because of its "liberal drift." State groups in Alabama, Iowa, and Ohio have already started their own chapters.

On a discussion board, someone wrote in comparing the Christian Coalition movement in America to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Although I have modified it a bit, the comments sum up my thoughts pretty well.

—Both are religious fanatics.
—Both focus on the aspects of their religion dealing with hate not love.
—Both are consumed with intolerance for anyone who thinks differently.
—Both insist on imposing their views on everyone else.
—Both justify their views by cherry-picking quotes from their holy scripture.
—Both want to establish a theocracy vs. separation of church and state.
—Both have one set of rules for you, and a separate set for them. [Think American pedophilia and Afghani poppy crops.]
I wonder why these people are so self-unaware that they can't see it themselves. I recommend finding a great, non-religiously-aligned therapist!

The beauty of the American experiment is that everyone gets to say what they think, and people like me get to call them out on it. Keep vigilant. In their world, the American experiment gets tossed out the stained glass window.

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