Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jeepers Peepers

It's the second week of October and the leaves still haven't begun their transition to awe inspiring brilliance. Most years, we're on the back end of peak color by now. There are reports of color in the Adirondacks and northern VT. But around here, practically zilch.

I feel sorry for all those NYC and NJ folks who have locked in their leaf peeping vacations for the normal time of year and are going to miss it all. I guess that's good for the tourism industry in this area since the season is going to be extended. The money they make now carries them through the rest of the year.

The reason for the change in the change of season? It's been effing hot here. Yesterday it was 84 degrees and humid! This isn't the traditional Indian summer since it isn't a resurgent heat wave after the cold of fall has settled in. Temperatures have been way above normal right straight through.

We had a light frost early in September but we need a hard frost for the leaves to begin to change. A cold front descended from the north late yesterday afternoon, bringing some non-violent thunder and lightning storms, and leaving us with cooler weather. It is 58 degrees now and no humidity.

There's good news in this for me. Since I'll be heading to Boston the first weekend in November, I'm expecting to really enjoy the autumn colors. With any luck, I'll get some incredible pics to post.

See the latest Vermont foliage report if you're thinking of heading this way.


ArichNY said...

I haven't noticed any leaf change down here either! :-)

Steve said...

It's still too warm! It's like 80-something outside, right now. I do feel badly for those who've planned trips.

Red7Eric said...

I usually love October, and I don't appreciate the July-ish weather. This is total bullshit, and makes me very ... very ... unhappy.

Le sigh.

RG said...

Oh my, we did have fall-ish weather on Sunday, but Saturday was unseasonably warm. The leaves in the Boston area usually turn colors en masse in a single day then spontaneously drop off the trees all at once. When you get here, you're going to see nothing but bald trees.

evilganome said...

The trees are starting to drop leaves but no color. We need a good frost too. It really is very late this season, but if I remember correctly it was very late last year too. I planted some spring bulbs and kept waiting for it to get cool enough. I think I actually had to wait until November and then just stuck them in the ground out of exasperation.

Kim said...

It has been unseasonably warm here. Some leaves have turned but a majority have not. I was thinking of the peepers this morning on my way to work. Maybe I need a trip to VT to catch the fall season.