Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Morning Levity: New Starburst Commercial

Finish whatever you're eating before you watch this:

On a trip to the San Diego Zoo over 20 years ago, my friends and I went over to the walrus exhibit. It was an open air tank where you could walk up and look over the stone wall down at the animals who were swimming about. They had learned to shoot a stream of water up into the air, and the people would reward them by dropping fish down to them. Interesting side note that their whiskers are almost like fingers. If a fish landed on their cheek, their whiskers would move it over and into their mouths.

Anyway, as we're standing there, a couple comes walking up to the wall next to us. Just as they look over the barrier, one of the girls is hit directly in the mouth with one of the streams of water. What was left smeared across her face after the water was gone was a HUGE glob of walrus snot. I still get the chills when I think of that incident forever seared in my brain.


evilganome said...

Walrus snot, juicy Starburst, mmmmmm... yummy.

RG said...

Almost as good as the Dinosaur snot in Jurassic Park! LOL

michael sean morris said...

Once I was at a safari park and a tiger pissed on the kid standing next to me. The stream must have gone twelve feet. I was about eight but he was only four.

I'm sure the tiger thought it was funny.

Now I'm curious; I'm off to Google "walrus snot" just to see what, er, comes up.