Friday, October 05, 2007

Kidney Stone Link List

I get a large number of hits from Google searches on "Kidney Stone", "Lithotripsy", and other related terms. In an effort to make the subject easier to navigate on this blog, I'm adding the following list of posts to every kidney stone entry to make them cross reference accessible.

If you are reading this because you have, or think you have, a kidney stone, I know your pain. Unless you've had one, and I've had some mild incidences and some really bad ones, no one can even imagine the level of pain.

Consider going to the emergency room. At the very least, make an immediate appointment with a urologist. I am not a doctor and these are my experiences only!

You could be experiencing a kidney stone, but it may also be a urinary tract infection, a tumor, or other medical condition. Don't take any chances with your health!

These posts involve my passing of two giant 6mm stones this summer...three days apart! Wrapped in these posts are stories that detail my lifelong battle with them.

In the interest of clarity, these links are in temporal order.

First Signs Of A Stone May 7, 2007
What I Know About Kidney Stones May 8, 2007
A Discussion Of Lithotripsy May 9, 2007
Peeing Blood, No Pain May 11, 2007
Pain Returns May 18, 2007
Pain Again In The Back May 26, 2007
Bloody Urine Is Back July 12, 2007
Passed Kidney Stone #1 July 26, 2007
Passed Kidney Stone #2 July 30, 2007
I wish you well.


RG said...

I don't know what the pain of childbirth is like, but I do know what the pain of passing a kidney stone is like. I'll take the childbirth.

michael sean morris said...

At least after childbirth you've got a kid to show for it...

Two stones in five years, and thanks to you I've changed my diet, so hopefully I won't have anymore.

Anonymous said...

I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you've posted your personal experiences. This is my third bout with this nasty issue. Last time I had it was at the turn of the century. They went up through the front and grabbed it since the lithotripsy machine was not available. Fast forward nearly eight years. I saw blood in the urine, hustled myself over to the urgent care clinic. He refered me to my physician if the blood remained. She then ordered a scan of some sort, then referred me to a (cute) urologist. He wanted an x-ray. It confirmed it. Another stone. Fortunately, no pain for this entire episode. Fortunate for me that the lithotripsy machine is at the hospital on its rotation. This was yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon is the treatment! Thanks for having your post so I can get my head around what's to happen. Also, just to let your other readers know that today is "procedure prep" day and there is next to no eating allowed all day today and tomorrow. Also need to adjust the medications I take including no aspirin or multivitamins for the blood pressure assistance. Some other considerations I wanted to pass on to readers. Again, thanks for having this spot on the web we can share personal information. Cheers and blessings to whomever has kidney stone issues.