Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Coming Out Day!


Red7Eric said...

I was reminded by a non-gay colleague this morning that today was National Coming Out Day.

So I replied to her e-mail, saying, "oh, by the way ... I'M GAY." She had a total laughity laugh as she sent back a note about how incredibly SHOCKED she was by this SHOCKING news.

Ha ha.

And yet, it's not a laughing matter for many, even in 2007 ... I bet there's some folks out there who are choosing this day to come out to parents, friends, and co-workers, and Goddess bless 'em.

RG said...

Man - do I have to do that again!?

evilganome said...

Oh dear. Do you think anyone suspects? Over 32 years too late. I think I have to go cry now.