Saturday, October 27, 2007

Leopard Has Arrived

I just installed Leopard. I'm not normally one to run out and buy the latest, greatest. But this new version of Mac OSX has two prominent features that I will find particularly useful and worth the $129.

Time Machine: This allows me to designate my external hard drive as a backup disk and a copy of my iMac hard drive will be kept there. All files will be saved as a background task. I bought the drive for work so that I would have all of my client's files on hand if my main drive bit the dust. It was a great idea, and I downloaded everything once I attached it, but I've only done backups once a month since then. This new utility will handle this for me.

Spaces: As I can with my life in general, I can divide my computer usage along distinct lines. Now I will be able to keep the "Spaces" separate, with pertinent applications and folders in the dock.

This was not a quick install. It took about 2 hours although that could have been related to the amount of information on my hard drive. Not sure. However, I am pretty sure that it re-wrote the boot track which would involve some movement of data on the hard drive.

That's it for now. I put 'er in, now let's give 'er a whirl.


evilganome said...

You'll have to tell me how you like Leopard. I'm planning on upgrading but I will not be running right out to get it. I am however experiencing OS envy.

tater said...

I am too nervous to change at the present time. Let us know how it works out!