Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Update On Leopard

Okay, so the Spaces feature isn't what I expected and I'm disappointed.

I thought that each space would be a virtual system. I wanted to be able to have a custom dock and files associated with various tasks I do in different Spaces. For instance, one would be a Blog Space where I would have Firefox, Safari, and Photoshop only; other Spaces would be opened one per client so I could easily jump from client to client and have all the programs and documents associated with each.


• The dock is the same across all Spaces and is not individually customizable.
• You cannot have multiple sessions of an application, such as a browser, running in separate Spaces. I wanted to have Yahoo open in multiple windows logged into different accounts so I could easily switch between screen names and mailboxes. However, if you log into Yahoo in one Space, you will be automatically logged out in another Space if it is using different account info. You can drag an open browser window from one Space to another and browse separately in each, but you can do that in two windows on a non-Leopard system. With Spaces, there is only one browser running with different windows/tabs open in different places.

The Time Machine feature is automatically backing up my hard disk without a problem.

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michael sean morris said...

Mr. Gagne, who occasionally contributes to my blog, is an Apple fanatic. Me, I like their stuff but occasionally have to admit that they goof. This sounds like one of those instances.

Still, I just know he's gonna wanna install this on my system.

Of course, I don't need it to do what you wanted it to do, and the Time Machine feature looks cool.

BTW, how can I contact you offline? I have a couple of questions about blogging and stuff, and I'd like to pick your brain. My email is in my profile.