Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Santiago Canyon Fire In Orange County

The Santiago Canyon fire in Orange County is still burning. My bff J sent this pic taken by a neighbor not far from her house. Lake Mission Viejo is in the foreground. Double-click to engorge.


Big Daddy said...


Ha ha.

RG said...

BDaddy: Well I guess it's better than enbiggen. LOL He really does need to get his willy wet doesn't he? LOL

Y | O | Y said...

Seems lots of others use enbiggen/embiggen, so I thought I'd be just a little different. I'm so avant-garde!

michael sean morris said...

I like engorge... Own it! Make it your own!

This is not unlike the pictures I got of my second to last trip home. There was a big fire in BC near my mother's house.

Nature-wise, of course, it's supposed to be very good for the trees, and next spring there'll be oodles of morelle mushrooms.

It's a veritable Comstock Lode of silver linings, provided everyone managed to get out okay (with their family photos, which are the only things that can't be replaced.)

cb said...

That picture is beautiful-- in a terrible way.