Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Special Visitor

My buddy T stopped by on his annual fall migration from New England to the Southwest. Here's a photo of us from about 10 years ago shortly after we met out in southern CA. I'm not photogenic; this is one of the only pics I have of myself that I actually like. Of course, seeing myself a decade younger with less gray and crow's feet doesn't hurt! (T looks exactly the same.)

Day One we spent on a quick tour of Troy. Downtown is really being revitalized and it is looking great without losing its Victorian Era charm. (Come to think of it, the Victorian Stroll is around the corner.) Then we had an early dinner at a restaurant where we had a window seat right above the Hudson River. We don't have dead bodies in the river up here, just PCBs from the General Electric plant upstream.

We took the dog for a walk when we got home. The route along the lake is really nice, and remarkably litter free thanks to a certain gay guy that's picked up 9 bags of trash over the past two weeks.

I took him on a quick tour of downtown Albany on Day Two. You can follow the sightseeing path we travelled through the Empire State Plaza in the photos I posted here.

We made our way up to Washington Park and walked around. There is a section of the park he said reminded him of Paris, and as soon as he said it, I agreed it was like a section near the end of the Champs-Elysees. Then we made our way over to the lake and snapped these pics. The boathouse was build in 1928.

It was interesting to view our fair cities through a newbie's eyes. T liked our house, neighborhood, and the whole area. A fresh perspective!


RG said...

You're so friggin' cute! Crows feet - schmows feet.

Steve said...

I concur with RG! And I'm glad you had a nice visit!

evilganome said...

I have to say I think you look great now, too. It's nice to have visitors to get you out and looking at the city you live in. The rest of the time it seems like you are just to busy to explore your own town.

Breenlantern said...

yes, you were dashing in this picture, but a good man, like a good wine, improves with age, and you are more handsome today than you were then. Not all of us thing youth is the true mark of beauty...woof!

michael sean morris said...

I don't want to say anything that could make either of you blush, so I won't. But I could, and it would if I did. Is all I'm saying. (woof)