Friday, November 23, 2007

Changing Your Blogger Profile Pic

My buddy over at Manhattan Chowder posted another handsome pic of himself in his Blogger profile. I'd been trying to figure this out for a year. Not how to post another handsome pic of him on my blogger profile, but to update my own.

You'd think something that should be so easy, and functionality that would be desired by bloggers, would be a no brainer. But, nooooooooooo. I did the requisite searching Blogger Help and Google with no success. Sure, there were folks that had written about it with solutions but they never worked for me.

So when Mike figured it out, I asked him for help. It turns out there was one step that I had missed in my past attempts. So, for those of you trying to figure this out, here's what I did with his help:

• Upload the new photo into a new post using the "Create" mode like any post — just the pic, no text, nothing else.

• Once the photo is uploaded, click on "Edit Html" and look at the entire Html coding for the post.

• There will be two phrases within the code that begin with http:// and end .jpg — one toward the beginning of the coded text, one toward the end. These phrases will appear within quotation marks and look something like this: ""

• Locate the SECOND set of "http:// and ends .jpg" coding and copy it, but only the part that appears between the quotations marks — nothing else.

• Hit "Save Now" to keep the post as a draft. (This is the step I previously missed.)

• Go to "Edit Profile" from the Blogger Dashboard, scroll down to the photo section and paste the code just as you've copied it (with no quotations or any of these things < >) in the space provided and click "Save" at the bottom of the page. If you've done it correctly your new photo should appear!
That should do it. A complicated process for something so simple.


Michael said...

Aww shucks. Thanks. Glad I could help. Great new pic, btw!

Y | O | Y said...

Said in the voice of Rudolph, "He said I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!" :)

michael sean morris said...

I've changed my pic a few times, it wasn't ever as hard as that.

Big Daddy said...

Cute pic.

I just use Flickr.

You can link directly from the image, [although they frown on that].