Friday, November 30, 2007

I Need More Cowbell*: Welcome To My Blogroll

It would seem that Cowbell and I run in the same circles. I would see her commenting on many of the same sites that I visit and I'd occasionally click on the link and bop over and read her latest post. After a brief exchange with RG at Dulce y Peligroso and his glowing reviews of her blog, I added her to my Google Reader list to make a better effort with keeping up.

She's funny. She's serious. And she has a wonderful way of telling a story. Then I read one of her posts and I learned something. I copy/pasted from it for a post of my own, giving credit of course, and I became even more invested in her as a blogger and person.

Now with Operation Cowbell, it's time to add I Need More Cowbell* to the Cool People, Places & Things section of my blogroll.

Welcome Cowbell!


tater said...

I love Miss Cowbell, and if I were a little less gay on the Kinsey scale, I would be chasing her like Pepe Le Pew.

more cowbell said...

Whoo-hooo, I am properly honored! I actually have 2 or 3 links I've been meaning to put up, yours being one, because it's annoying to think I have it on my IE favorites, only find out it was saved on my daughter's computer, not my work computer, then I have to go through Evil-G or RG ... yada yada.

I had to laugh at the "glowing review" from RG -- after our many chats and exchanges, I can only imagine what he had to say. He's my boy. (RG, you said you'd never tell anyone about that that incident with the trapeze guys...)

I've also enjoyed emailing back and forth about what you're doing for my friend over in Iraq. Very cool.

more cowbell said...

PS: Tater - ditto. You're yummy. Why do all the good ones have to be gay? Crap.