Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where's George? Project

The other day I discovered the above dollar bill. If you can't tell, the red stamp reads "Track me at". I went, input the serial number (I have photoshopped out part of the number in the pic), where I filled in fields asking my location and to write a brief description about the condition of the bill.

There was only one other entry for this bill made 11 months ago; it was the initial entry. It had traveled 206 miles from Rochester, NY to me.

It got me thinking about this little bill of mine:
• How far had it actually traveled between then and now. Did it make a trip to Hawaii and back in someone's wallet?
• How many people have handled this bill?
• Was there anyone famous, important, or interesting?
• What had it been used to buy?
• Has it lived a mundane life, bouncing from person to person for innocuous things like paying for fast food, etc. Or maybe it was part of an exciting transaction like a big win at a racetrack? Or a hold up at a convenience store!
• How many people never even saw the stamp? How many people saw the stamp and did nothing?
• Since there was an 11 month gap in updates, was it stuck in a vault somewhere or in the middle of a pack of dollar bills?

I bookmarked the web page where I entered this bill's information, knowing that once I put it back into circulation it will be gone from me forever. And if I see the bookmark, maybe I'll check up on this little dollar bill and see where George has been!

This is such an interesting concept!


ArichNY said...

Every so often something happens that causes me to think about where money has been, especially since I handle money for a living. (No comments, please!) A couple of weeks ago, I was at a local hangout and there were go-go boys dancing there that night. At one point, one of them had a dollar bill tucked in the g-string in the crack in his butt. I'm thinking about wearing rubber gloves now...

ArichNY said...

And I mean, when I handle money at the teller window...

tater said...

This is off point, but I wish Congress could have used this stamp on Larry Craig and Trent Lott's asses. I am curious to know how widespread (geographically) their asses have been traded.