Monday, December 17, 2007

Brokeback Snowstorm: The Sequel

I awoke this morning to two more inches of fresh snow. I was quite surprised there wasn't more since is was snowing pretty steady last night from about 4pm to 11pm. The flakes were very fine so it was shimmering when it came down.

Even though this last batch is half of what it was yesterday, the bottom half inch is frozen sleet. Meaning it won't come up with the snowblower and I could kill myself trying to scrape it off with a shovel.

It is also really gusty, so the temperature of 16 degrees on the thermometer is really more like sub-zero and the snow is drifting. If I get a wild hair, I may go out with the camera and try to get creative.

My plan of action is to shovel the walk and snow blow the driveway as best as I can. I'll put down a heavy coat of salt tomorrow when it warms up a bit to work on the sleet. Did you know that salt doesn't work when it's too cold?


ArichNY said...

This cold is a bitch! I actually had to wear a spring jacket this morning!

more cowbell said...

Brrrr! I actually used to like snow shoveling. It was kind of forced exercise, with hot chocolate after. I hate hate hate extreme cold, though. My sympathies.

alto said...

Snowstorms are funny. You'd think that up here people would be used to the typical weather that the great white north brings. Not! You should have seen it this weekend with our first major dump. It was like THE CRISIS OF THE YEAR.

Anonymous said...

I loved the storm up here in Toronto. It's been a long time since I've seen snow banks like we have now.

However, if there is the use of "Brokeback" in your snow storm, then it was a helluva lot more interesting than mine!

Y | O | Y said...

Hehe -- Gotta use interesting headlines to get people to click!

I used "Brokeback" since I spent the month of November complaining/blogging about how sore my back was from leaf clean-up, and that the shoveling wasn't doing it any good.

I only wish I was holed up in a tent with Ennis riding out the storm. ;)

RG said...

Heh, heh, heh, - you said, "riding out the storm".