Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brokeback Snowstorm

I awoke to four more inches of snow this morning. This on top of the seven inches from the other day.

Out I went, cleared the driveway with the snow blower and the walk with the shovel. I also did the same thing for the elderly woman across the street.

The bad news is that my sore back has returned even though the snow is light.

Part of the whole snow removal process involves using a long pole with a 2' perpendicular metal piece to pull the accumulation off the roof. I didn't do it last year and we ended up with five inches of ice on the eaves and huge icicles. That can damage the shingles and rain gutters.

Pulling off all that snow meant I had three feet of snow on the patio so that all had to be removed, too. If not, we could end up with a large portion of it in the basement when it melts. After years, you learn to stay in front of the disasters!

Next up is an afternoon of wintry mix. That's right, the snow, sleet, and freezing rain is back.

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Michael said...

I got all excited over the title of this post, you tease! Sorry to hear about your back. Mine has been tightening up from maneuvering over ice with shopping bags lately. Holiday stress is setting in!