Friday, December 28, 2007

Douche Bag Of The Week: Pope Benedict XVI

Could he have said anything more banal?

Pope Benedict on Tuesday said he hoped Christmas would bring consolation to those living in poverty, injustice and war and appealed for just solutions to conflicts in Iraq, the Holy Land, Afghanistan and Africa.

— snip —

The Pope, marking the third Christmas season of his reign, said he was close to society's most vulnerable members, who were often the main victims of conflict and terrorism -- women, children, the elderly, migrants, refugees and evacuees. [My Notation: In fact, he went on to say he could see quite a few of them from the windows of his palace.]

— snip —

He spoke of Darfur, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon, the Holy Land, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Balkans and "many other crisis situations that unfortunately are frequently forgotten."

The Pope made another appeal for environmental protection, saying that the number of migrants, refugees and evacuees "is also increasing because of frequent natural disasters, often caused by alarming environmental upheavals."
This is the message he delivered to the world's 1.1 billion (that's billion with a 'b') Roman Catholics. Did he recycle the speeches of the last, oh, 20 years? I know the writers are on strike, but these folks need to part with some of their gazillions and hire a decent PR firm that can write an interesting, if not compelling, speech.

For giving a lame-ass Christmas address, Pope Benedict XVI is this week's Douche Bag of the Week.


javierps said...

I guess 2+2= 4 is also a boring concept to you. Truth is truth one does not change the message to make it interesting and compelling. I also take issue with your comment on Zillions,I do not Think that is accurate,but I will defer judgment until after your explanation.

Y | O | Y said...

News flash. I don't owe you an explanation.

I could have said the same thing. Oh, by the way, I'm starting a church next week and delivering the same sermon. Will I see you there you sheep?

Now fuck off or you'll be next week's Douche Bag of the Week.

javierps said...

I love well thought out intelligent responses. It has a lot to say about the
quality of the person. I accept your comment and note it reveals a good deal
about you. I wish you well. Nothing would please me more than being elected
Douche Bag of the week it would seem to put me in good company.

Jeremy said...

Pope BennyD is most certainly the Douche Bag of the Week. That speech was tired and uninspired! If the award exists, he should be in the running for Douche Bag of the Rear. (Total typo, but I'm keeping it!)

Anyway, he and the shrub should be neck and neck. :)

more cowbell said...

Oh, I don't know ... I think it was mighty white of him.

michael sean morris said...

Douche Bag of the Week is so limited; he could easily be one of the douche bags of all time. It seems odd to me that such a victimizer gets to then turn around and feel bad for all the victims. The victims I feel bad for are the ones he's made.

I told them this would happen if they elected Satan to the Papacy, but nobody listened to me.