Thursday, December 13, 2007

Speaking Of Inches

It is currently snowing at a 1"-2" clip per hour. It started at 10:30am and it's expected to last through 7pm. Not sure why they are predicting 4"-7" total accumulation. Must be the new math.

I filled the gas can yesterday so I'm prepared to fire up the snowblower. The neighbor is out now using his leaf blower to clear his driveway. It is in the 20's so the cold temperature means the snow is fluffy and light.

They are predicting a Nor'easter for this weekend that will bring blizzard conditions.

In more good news, my back has been pain free for over a week, just in time to start shoveling!

Update: They were right. Final tally was 7". It snowed until 7pm but the flakes got smaller as the day progressed.


alto said...

Reads title - ears perk up...Oh, he's talking about snow. Sigh.

evilganome said...

Things here could have been worse as well. Though I am not looking forward to Sunday. Snow? Fine. Snow, sleet and freezing rain? Not so much.

Take care of your back. I'll see if I can send RG off to shovel for you.