Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stone On The Move

It's 4 a.m. and the kidney stone is on the move. Horrible pain in the left front at my waist radiating down to my family jewels. I've been pacing for about 15 minutes and I'm in a bit of a lull on the pain at the moment. I need to go find a pain pill for the next go round.

I'll have to start peeing through a strainer to catch it. That's more for psychological reasons since knowing it's gone alleviates the constant anticipatory fear I'll have from here on out. It gets so it regulates your life. I don't want to do this, or that, for fear that I'm going to get stuck somewhere away from home and have a crisis.

On top of that, I have acid reflux and I'm sucking on a Tums. I told ya I'm the Morton's salt girl!

Update: I lasted until 7 a.m. and finally took half of the last hydrocodone I have...I don't want to "waste" it since more sever pain could be in the offing. I was able to fall asleep by 8 and slept until 10. The pain in my side is gone but the family jewels are still aching.


Anonymous said...

I've caught your posts from time-to-time about your horrible experiences with this. But, I never noticed if you discussed why this keeps happening to you? I know that some people, including myself, have had a kidney stone. But over and over? That's miserable. So sorry!

Y | O | Y said...

They've examined the stones and there isn't anything about their makeup that can determine the cause. Many stones are made of calcium so folks are put on low dairy diets. Not me! They just say drink more water. I've figured out that diet soda causes them for me. I put it together that after about 3 months of drinking a lot of diet soda whenever I've tried to lose 5 or 10 lbs I have trouble. I think this is from about a year ago when I was trying to lose some weight.

I used to go for regular x-rays (about 10 years ago) and you could see multiple stones just waiting to break loose and cause me grief. That was stressful and I decided I was better off not knowing since there wasn't a whole lot they could do.

Bottom line, I only drink soda (diet or regular) as a treat now.

Anonymous said...

I need to drink more water too, for other reasons, but...I HATE the stuff, especially the bilge that comes out of the tap here.

Have you tried herbal teas? There's a whole lot of flavors from spicy to citrusy to sweet. That's what keeps me drinking--until I can get home and hit the hard stuff :)


MoodyBlue said...

Awww, I'm so sorry you are in pain. This sounds so much like when my hubby had his. He would pace the floors. Also, the lack of sleep because he just couldn't take the pain. Definetely, good that you are limiting the soda intake. Something with the acid in it. Like my hubby, he got his when we would have alot of Italian food..the tomato pizza. We were eating so bad during that time. So we had to curb our Italian cravings so we could eliminate hit getting them. I really hope it passes for you soon & you are relieved of your pain.

michael sean morris said...

I feel your pain. That bout I had with them was awful - since then I do whatever I have to to get them from coming back. Not only that, mine were about 1/3rd the size of yours.

cb said...

Ew- kidney stones. But, um... wouldn't the TUMS calcium possibly add to the misery?

Anonymous said...

I have kidney stones and have had several admissions to hospital for pain relief ! I am. 43 yr old female with a 7 mm stone in my right kidney ! I have also been suffering with chronic multi resistant bacterial infections in my kidney !! Which they can now only treat with dn IV antibiotic !! I have lithotripsy with out pain relief or sedation tomorrow and I am really scared of the pain during the procedure and afterwards when passing the stones !! Please help !!