Saturday, July 05, 2008

Adventures Of Big Island Jeepguy: Welcome To My Blogroll

Here's another shot of the Bolopetalum that is going great guns. Two spikes with three blooms each and there is new growth at the base already. This was in bloom when it arrived here in late March and it's the second time it has flowered. I'm a novice with orchids so this must be a pretty easy variety to grow.

And this segues into a new addition to my blogroll. I found Adventures of Big Island Jeepguy through the comments on Father Tony's blog.

This cyber-meeting is one of those odd coincidences that I seem to be having a lot of lately. He left a message here that he actually drives by Aloha Orchid (where I purchased all my orchids) on his way to and from work. As he said, it's a small world.

Bop on over and check out his site. He's got some great photography posted in his Flickr albums that'll make you yearn for a trip to Hawaii.

Welcome Adventures of Big Island Jeepguy to my blogroll!

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bigislandjeepguy said...

big mahalos for the shout-out! :)