Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scuff Productions & Rodger Dodger: Welcome To My Blogroll

I'm catching up on my "Welcome To My Blogroll" posts. I'm adding these two men together since they are partners. The West Coast isn't particularly well represented on my site so this is a twofer!

Scuff Productions and Rodger Dodger
I met Portland, OR couple Mark and Rodger at this year's blogger gathering in New York City back in May. They seemed to have the same goals for the event as me, our gay agenda if you will, that being to make new friends with folks from far flung places. I suppose this is why I felt so comfortable in their presence and spent quite a bit of time chatting them up. They've given me some ego boost, too, when I was feeling down.

If you like my gardening and wildlife posts, you'd be wise to visit their sites to check out what they've got going on. They are more "domestic" than me (they actually can, preserve, etc.) and have a wider array of bird species that visit their yard.

They are also foodies and fans of the theater. If we all do NYC again next year, I definitely hope to spend more time with them.

Welcome Scuff Productions and Rodger Dodger to my blogroll!

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Mark H said...

THANKS, Gavin. A compliment coming from a guy who gets everything done you do, and much of your time given to an aging parent, is a high high compliment. We are BOTH completely grateful to have met you, a highlight of the NY TRIP....our big regret was NOT seeing August, Osage County with you.

The canning season HAS begun...wish you were here...we'd have a great time. Again, thanks for the link. Seriously.