Monday, July 07, 2008

Diet Update; The Coming Week's Vacation

Well my dears, it has been three weeks since I started chanting "30 lbs in 3 weeks." It all seemed in reach after that first week when I was shocked to report that I had, indeed, dropped 10 lbs. I thought maybe there was something to all that talk about the power of positive thinking.

The second week, although keeping on the diet but not walking as much due to rain and/or heat and humidity, revealed I had hit a plateau. I hadn't lost anything additional. Perhaps my body had decided that it was starving and needed to slow down and hang on. Or maybe week number one was water loss. Those seem like a lame excuses, though.

Yesterday marks the end of the three week period. I had July 4th to contend with, but truth be told, I'm really not someone who goes ape shit on holiday food with multiple trips to the buffet. Even on Thanksgiving. But the 4th did present itself with tempting dishes and I indulged a bit...a grilled cheeseburger on a roll, a few ribs, some potato salad, and two large chocolate chip cookies.

I had no weight loss in week three so it would appear that this diet was front loaded, building excitement and expectation, but failing to deliver a big bang in the end. Not unlike the majority of dates I've been on.

The result..."10 lbs in 3 weeks." Not bad, and I'm going to continue because once I set my mind to it, I have really strong willpower and maybe I can shed another 10-20 lbs before Labor Day. Just in time for the cold weather to roll in and the need for me to cover up.

One good thing is that the tan I paid for back in April/May before the NYC blogger weekend hasn't faded much. And my hair is longer and silverier.

The reason for this drastic diet, you may recall, is that I had scheduled a vacation to visit friends I haven't seen in 10 years. They remember me at 155 lbs from when I bulked up from 130. Now I'm at 174.

Tomorrow is the day I leave bright and early. I'll be spending today trying to cram 5 days worth of crap into a single carry on so I can avoid the $50 baggage check fee. Then I get to deal with all the harried airline personnel as I make my way West changing planes in Chicago. Although I have to say I rather like the United terminal in Chicago.

I'm bringing my skis back with me so I'll have to pay for that on the other end. I'm afraid of the charge for oversized bags. Yes, my skis have been in their garage for 10 years. Hey, when you have friends that live in Park City, UT, why would you ski anywhere else?

Aside from the world famous film festival in January, Park City is the home of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team — the 2002 Olympic downhill was held there, as well as the bobsled/luge and ski jumping competitions. Those venues were just starting construction the last time I was there.

I'm bringing the laptop but I'm not sure if I'll have easy access to high-speed Internet. If it ain't high speed, I ain't dealing with it.

I'll have my new camera so I may be able to upload pics as I go. If not, I'll do some posts next week. I plan on taking lots of shots of Temple Square in downtown SLC and lots around town in Park City. There is a place called Thanksgiving Point that promises lots of gardens so I may take a day and drive down there. Some people like to hit the bars when they travel, others the museums. Me, I seek out the botanical gardens!

So, for the next week, I have scheduled posts for each morning. Depending on how things go, I may or may not be able to respond to comments — but I'd appreciate them anyway so I can read them when I return!


evilganome said...

Have a great time. I will look forward to hearing about it and seeing all the pictures.

Mark H said...

Thanksgiving Point.... I lived in SLC between 1970 - 1978. That didn't exist then...My. What a place, I too will look forward to pictures and your stories. WHO ARE these folks in Park City? I used to ski there a bit also. Ask them (if they've been there longer than 1972....) if they remember the Utah Coal and Lumber Restaurant in P.C. 'Twas the best Mexican Food in the state at the time, but the place went away with all the huge modern development of making P.C. what it is today. I probably wouldn't recognize any of it. Have a great time.

rodger said...

Is 'silverier' actually a word?

Have a great time and not to worry about the weight loss. You looked mighty fine in NYC and with the tan still holding on, you'll look even better in Park City.

Y | O | Y said...

Mark--Yes, my friends do remember that restaurant but I guess it is long gone.

I worked with Melanie in the early 90's and she moved up here in 1993. I'd visit 2-3 times a year but the last time I was here was 10 years ago. Lots to catch up on!