Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's Official, I'm A New Yorker

I have a New York driver's license, a new passport, NY-based health insurance, and I'm finally registered to vote here!

Notice I said "New Yorker" in the headline and not "New Yawkah."

It is a common misconception that all of New York State is like New York City...specifically Manhattan. Nope, it isn't all cement and skyscrapers. In fact, you get away from that quite quickly just outside of the city regardless of what direction you travel.

I am a half hour from the Vermont border so images of maple syrup, cheddar cheese, Ben & Jerry's cows, and Grandma Moses paintings are a more accurate mental image. In fact, the topography of the area is rolling hills covered with woods, corn fields, and cow pastures. The tallest building in all of New York State outside of Manhattan is Corning Tower in downtown Albany (also a half hour away) standing 44 floors.


Breenlantern said...

welcome "now-official-new-yorker" a life time of potholes and crowded chain restaurants await you eternally :-)

LucyInDaSky said...

I had a conversation with a girl from the city once, she was asking me where I lived and I told her "Upstate." Her response was "Oh, like Yonkers?"

Gotta love it.

cb said...

I wouldn't go bragging about it-- especially if you travel overseas! :-)

Pretend you are from Montreal instead.

Romach said...

I hear Vermont is lovely too. Well I would like to come to New York city for a few days and see the rest of New York state too. We are hoping to do that next year actually.