Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Photo Feature

I've been working on a web site design for a new client of mine. I'm actually basing it on this here Blogger platform as I had great success when I did it for ECCO last year. If you dig into the HTML code of the templates, they are really quite customizable and you can't beat the price.

One of the requirements of the new site is the storage and availability of photos from the home page. That lit a fire under my butt to do some experimentation here. I didn't do anything revolutionary since a large number of y'all do this with Flickr and others. The result of my self education is the new photo albums located toward the bottom of this blog's sidebar. With Blogger being an offering from Google, they have married it quite seamlessly with their Picasa photo site so constructing these albums was rather easy. All photos I've uploaded up to this point were already saved in Picasa and I didn't even know it!

Now there is a quick place to access all those flower and travel photos.

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