Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Your Design Style?

I took the 10 question "Design Style" quiz on the web site for the HGTV show Find Your Style. I'm "Rustic Comfort."

Rustic Comfort
The verdict is in, but there's a twist. Your design style is a combination: part updated country, part ethnic flair, both with a contemporary look and feel. You need a home with casual and practical style — an environment that'll work for kids, pets, company and more. The emphasis is on simple yet attractive, durable furniture will hold up over time while your colorful accessories energize and entertain for years.

"The furniture for this design style could be contemporary or traditional," says Julie Rackley, an interior designer in Bellevue, Washington. "The common threads are comfort and durability." That means easy-to-clean synthetic blends like micro-fiber, which cleans up swiftly with a sponge. (So long silk!) Function is a key consideration as well. A multi-purpose ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or storage unit would work for you.

Design Tip for Rustic Comfort
Choose color! Dress up your functional style with worldly colors, borrowing from Mediterranean and Hacienda styles. Try high energy colors like sunny yellows and oranges, but don't forget the popular jewel tones for a splash of elegance in the dining room or bedroom. "For 2008, we're going to see a new direction in red, towards bluer jewel tones," says Becky Ralich Spak, a senior designer at Sherwin Williams. "Shades of violet and deep purples that have been absent for so long are going to start showing up again. These energizing colors are also elegant."
I'd say this is right on the money. My furniture, still in storage in California, is from the "American Impressions" collection at Ethan Allen. The collection, now called "New Impressions," is Shaker inspired...interesting that I picked up on this since this area is known for being the home of the Shakers!


Crixi Van Cheek said...

Too bad we missed you at the Pride Parade...btw, my style is "Sleek and Sophisticated" (I think thats code for Crate and Barrel mixed with Estate Sale).

Y | O | Y said...

Crixi---I wasn't able to make it down into the city this year. (My responsibilities here keep my travel to a minimum...I leave on vacation in a week so I have to space things out.) Believe it or not, I was hoping I'd see you guys at the blogger weekend in May and I was watching for you. You make a great impression on JMG and, more importantly, in person!

bigislandjeepguy said...

I'm "Ethnic Eclectic". Yep, pretty much fits me. I'm futon mixed with big leather chair with ottoman, warm colors, slate tables with wrought iron, distressed pine table with stools (that store underneath in slots!). a big mix of everything.

Anonymous said...

"Sleek & Clean" here. But I could have gone other ways on several of the questions. Oh, well--if I had tons of money, I'd chuck it all and redecorate every couple of years with something completely different. Reinvention rocks!