Thursday, August 07, 2008

Douche Bags Of The Week: Crappy Parents

Some people shouldn't be parents:

Israeli airport police say a couple going on a European vacation remembered to bring their duty-free shopping and their 18 suitcases, but forgot their 3-year-old daughter at the airport.

The couple and their five children were late for a flight to Paris and made a mad dash to the gate. In the confusion, their daughter got lost. A policeman found her wandering around the terminal, crying for her mother. The parents didn't notice the child was missing until they were told, in the air, that she had been found.

The child, accompanied by an airline staffer, took the next flight to Paris where she was safely reunited with her parents.
But they remembered their shopping bags! Parents who don't know how to parent are this week's Douche Bags of the Week!


Romach said...

That is terrible. I know of a few parents like that my self and douche bags is the proper description for them!

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

OMG - it is just like the movie Home Alone...they were going to Paris too!!! (in one of them)

That is just terrible. How can someone forget a child? That is just plain sad. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Doralong said...

They didn't miss THE THREE YEAR OLD??? I'm sorry, but that's just criminal neglect.. My daughter wandered about 10 feet once at LAX (to see Daddy at the ATM I grant you)I literally had to go in the bathroom and throw up.. I just don't get it.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i heard this on the radio and thought exactly the same thing: how stupid are you to lose a three year old?

but then i got to thinking...we were on a trip once when i was kid (about 5). i'm the youngest of five kids, too. and the family packed up the station wagon and left me at one of the tourist locations we went to and didn't realize for awhile i was missing. maybe it's just tough to keep track of five kids...hehehe.

ps i never let my parents forget this happened :)

michael sean morris said...

I want to say that at least they remembered 80% of their kids, but no... In this case, that's still a failing grade.

Whenever I went anywhere with my mom and friends (I'm an only child) she was really big with the headcounts.

Anyway, everywhere I go in Vancouver I see three year olds in strollers, so why couldn't they put theirs in one too, especially if they were in a hurry. The fact that they didn't know the child was missing until they were in the air is inexcusable.

more cowbell said...

Yikes. THat's pretty scary. That poor little girl must've been terrified.

the cajun said...

Another important question is how were these people allowed to board a plane with one ticket too many, and without notice by airline staff??
And we're talking Israel here. These are scary days, indeed.