Friday, December 19, 2008

Douche Bags Of The Week: Adolph Hitler Campbell's Parents

Coming on the heels of seeing The Boy In The Striped Pajamas this week, is the story of the white supremacists Campbell family.

The Campbells thought their kids were just like everyone else's.

A simple request for a name on a three year old's birthday cake has caused a controversy because of the person who he is named after. When the Campbells went to the ShopRite, the store refused to put their son's name, Adolf Hitler Campbell, on the cake. Their daughter's are named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and HonsLynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, which are names also with ties to Nazi Germany.

"This is America! They violated the rights of my son! A name is a name!” said Heath Campbell. "All we want is ShopRite to apologize! Because all we were trying to get was my son's name on a cake," said Deborah Campbell.

A spokesperson for ShopRite said they stand by their original offer to bake a birthday cake for the Campbells and leave room on it for them to write in their son's name. They say they have no plans to offer the family an apology.
I love it that they cry that their son's rights were violated. Actually, no. You aren't entitled to a cake, thank you very much. You were entitled to the highest level of stupidity in naming your kid and we all have the right to shun such speech. The tragedy here is that the children had no their name or their parents. Change your name to Hitler if you think it's so great, don't saddle your kid with it.

The Campbell parents receive this week's Douche Bags Of The Week.


Marc said...

In the name of F**k! How stupid are those damn parents! Things like this incense me!!!!!

michael sean morris said...

They're good contenders for Douchebags of the Month, if not the whole year.

Doralong said...


Man, are those kids going to be in for a life time of therapy..

michael sean morris said...

It's child abuse.

tankmontreal said...

I can't tell which is the mom and which is the dad.

Y | O | Y said...

tank...I thought it was a lesbian couple at first!