Sunday, December 14, 2008

Four Men, Four Boys, A Chain Saw And An Axe

There are lots of trees and limbs down throughout the area. Many brought down utility lines; others just blocked roads and made traffic passing impossible. My brother works for the highway department in the local municipality and he said they had an eight-man crew with chain saws that worked all day Friday trying to clear just one road.

Closer to home, a large limb split from the tree up the street. We are on a dead end street, and the fact that it happened at the second house to a woman who is about 80 years old, it was the neighborhood "man crew" that leapt into action and came to the rescue.

The reindeer-napper grabbed his chain saw and another had his axe. The rest of us cleared the debris to the side of the road as it was cut.

After that, we moved on to the main road where a tree had collapsed and blocked half the road.

We all made a good team and it was a nice feeling of community with neighbors helping neighbors.


romach said...

Its nice to hear things like that when people in the community come together to help out in situations like this. I wish our neighbors wore more like yours :-)

Jodi said...

You know that is what it really is all about, when people pull together and help each other like that. It seems after 9/11 people did so much to help each other and it died down little by little. I think the US as a whole needs to get back to doing things like that again.