Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rudolph Has Been Kidnapped

I'm fairly sure the people that moved in across the street have kidnapped Rudolph. I keep seeing him peaking out the window.

For those of you wondering what the cost of housing is in this area (Capital District in Upstate NY), here's some info about the property across the street that sold this summer. We're pretty immune to the housing market's ups and downs. You may recall that I've written about snow blowing the driveway for the older woman across the street. This is the house...she passed away this summer after falling ill on Valentine's Day.

When my parents bought our house, they had the choice of ours or this one. My mother chose ours due to the path of the sun...the front of the house shown below faces east and the back faces west.

Cape Cod style with 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom. Kitchen, living room, den, 1 car garage. New roof and windows. Aluminum siding. City water, access to gas line. Septic system. Unfinished attic. Bathroom needed to be gutted, and kitchen is original 1950's. I don't know the living space square footage, but since the upstairs and basement are unfinished, I'd say about 1,200 sq ft. On 1/4 acre lot with minimal landscaping (the new folks cut down the foundation planting of rhododendrons, pine shrubs, etc.). Excellent schools and reasonable commuting distance/20-30 minutes to Albany and surrounding areas. 30 minutes to southern Vermont or western Massachusetts.

Price paid: US$155,000
Taxes: I think property taxes are about $2,500 and school taxes an additional $2,500 per year. There are no associations or supplemental fees.


romach said...

It sure does look quaint buddy! I love little house like that. Its a bit like some of the little cottages near our beach too

Y | O | Y said...

I should have noted that most of the houses in our neighborhood have had their attic converted to two bedrooms...some with full or partial dormers to give more headroom. In our house, my father did the finishing with roofline intact. You can stand up in the center of the rooms, but the ceilings taper down. Some of the houses with the dormers have also put in an additional full or partial bathroom.

Jodi said...

That type of house in Northern New Jersey would go for over $300K. The rates are nuts over here.

Lacey said...

Probably about the same as east of you in the Rochester suburbs. Looks like a nice neat house.