Monday, December 08, 2008

Timeline Of LDS Pro-Prop 8 Efforts

At the risk of stirring up additional trouble...

Diarist Chino Blanco, in a post titled Why I'm (still) mad at the Mormon church: a timeline over on Pam's House Blend, presents a detailed timeline of Mormon participation in the pro-Prop 8 campaign.

This is a good link for those saying that the Church of Latter-day Saints didn't have much involvement.


michael sean morris said...

As far as the trouble goes, I say bring it on; I, for one, have got your back. If you provide proof in an accurate and clear-eyed manner, you'll only make the salivating bigots look worse by comparison.

Tater said...

They were plotting very early, with their eyes on the possible blow back. Not at all surprising.