Wednesday, January 21, 2009

J. Crew Crashes

More about things I just don't get.

After it was announced the Obama's children were wearing coats from J. Crew, the crush of visitors crashed their web site. Why do people have to have what others have? I mean, if a neighbor had come home with one of those coats, would it have been any less attractive? Yet, someone in the limelight has it, therefore it is a hot commodity.

It reminds me of an interview with my least favorite celebrity Tom Cruise. Apparently, his little girl Suri is a "fashion icon." Yep, whatever she wears, parents around the world need to rush out and purchase the same item for their little darlings.

Humans are weird.


michael sean morris said...

Humans are weird... We in the mother ship blame it on all the damn nitrogen in their atmosphere!

mmennonno said...

We have yet to see the first wave of Obama babies. But they're coming. I'll bet "Obama" will crack the top ten baby names of '09.