Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beware: They're Coming Out Of The Woodwork

I just received a letter from my first ex (mid 80's thru early 90's). We have not communicated in 15 years. This comes as the icing on the cake for the number of folks that have come out of the woodwork since I signed up for Facebook. (The ex sent a letter via post, not thru Facebook.)

Which reminds me, what is the etiquette for inviting people to be your friend on Facebook? I've received some Friend Requests from folks that I don't want as a friend. Odd that people who weren't very nice to me like 20 years ago want to be my friend now. What's up with that? News flash: I have a memory like an elephant and hold a grudge.

Yet, I'll admit that a non-response to my Facebook Friend Requests hurt my feelings. Argh, life in the 21st century!


michael sean morris said...

I've had people ignore my friend requests; if they do, they do. If you don't accept theirs and they persist in trying to friend you, you can always send them a message explaining why without having to friend them yourself. I've deleted people, usually people I've not met face to face, and I've been deleted. I think the secret to Facebook is to not take anything that happens there personally.

Tater said...

I have found this awkward in many instances too. I usually stall awhile and then friend them, unless they are malicious. Once you get past a certain number in your head, you realize that two thirds or more of the people you friended never bother to check in or keep up with you anyway.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i cannot do the facebook thing; it just gets too frustrating for me. what seems to start out as "wow...i cannot believe you got in touch with me after this long" quickly turns into one or two emails and them dropping off the planet. plus i cannot keep track of a blog, real life craziness AND facebook. i do not know how people do it.

Big Daddy said...


Try adding Twitter on top of that.

Ha ha.

more cowbell said...

yeah, I can't do Facebook either. I don't know why I'm so resistant to it, but I am. And that whole friend list thing, god, who needs the stress?