Friday, February 27, 2009

Burger King Choices

This week, I stopped at Burger King and I wanted to make a "healthy" choice. I was going to get the Tendergrill Chicken sandwich instead of my standard Whopper. Since I wanted a burger, I went with the Whopper Jr. Out of curiosity, I went to the BK web site and found something interesting:

• Whopper (680 Calories, 40g Total Fat)
• Whopper Jr. (370 Calories, 21g Total Fat)
• Big Fish Sandwich (640 Calories, 32g Total Fat)
• Tendergrill Sandwich (490 Calories, 21g Total Fat)
• Tendergrill Salad w/ Light Italian Dressing (340 Calories, 18g Total Fat)
Hmmmm, the grilled chicken sandwich isn't better than the burger. In fact, the salad barely is, either. Although, with the salad, it would be the full lunch rather than having fries, too.


Anonymous said...

I usually ask for a "veggie Whopper" where they make the Whopper with everything except the meat.

Anonymous said...

Just guessing, but it must have a boatload of mayo...that's the usual suspect.

Anonymous said...

Unless BK has changed, you can ask 'em to leave off the mayo, or replace it with mustard--I'll bet that would make the sandwich fit your health expectations. (If you have Sonic in your area, they have really tasty healthy chicken items, if I can put in a plug)

Y | O | Y said...

Alex--BK does offer w/out the mayo and actually has those version on its nutritional chart.

Unfortunately, no mayo is not a possibility here as I consider Hellmann's (Best Foods west of the Rockies) my #1 food group!