Friday, February 27, 2009

First "Independent" Comment On My New Look

I wanted to report to my gentle readers that I received the first "independent" comment on my new look. (Independent, as opposed to my brother who declared I have a mullet...who has it in his personality to say things he knows will get under one's skin.)

As you know, I'm growing out the locks to go 1970's retro. Ideally, to look like Michael Imperioli on Life On Mars. I'm still in a growing phase so no pics yet. I'm also working on growing out my facial hair to be trimmed into a long handlebar. That is going to be my biggest challenge since I don't have much growth at the corners of my mouth.

Today, I took my mother to the endocrinologist that hasn't seen me in a year. He said he didn't recognize me. His observation was that I look like I'm an artist..."a painter or writer or something." I'll take it. It might be good personal branding since that's kinda what I do for a living.

BTW, my mom has always had a bit of a crush on this doctor. I have to say I understand why. Since we've been going there over the past four years, I've developed a crush of my own!

He's a Russian immigrant. He has an accent but it isn't heavy so he must have been here a long time. He's probably late 50's, moderately handsome, trimmed salt and pepper beard, with the gentlest attractive personality you ever want to meet. He's just so likable. (And wears a wedding ring that I presume means he's married to a woman.)

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Mark H said...

Fabulous! Your Mom's DOCTOR is complimenting your looks............I'm jealous!