Friday, February 27, 2009

Great News From Ford

I think we'd all love to see the American car manufacturers turn around and be successful. From an AP article on Yahoo News:

A Ford Motor Co. plant in suburban Cleveland which has been idle for nearly two years is about to begin making a new fuel-efficient engine for some of the company's 2010 model cars.

Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 has undergone a $55 million retooling since its last shutdown will be the first manufacturing site to build its EcoBoost engines.

EcoBoost engines combine direct injection technology and turbo-charging for improved fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Ford says they can achieve up 20% better fuel and 15% lower CO2 emissions, compared with larger displacement engines, without sacrificing power.

Ford said it initially will use about 250 workers from its three other plants at the Cleveland-area site.
Fuel efficient, cleaner, more powerful. Way to go, Ford. Keep up the great work!

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