Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


• First things first. That fucking Ben! In all of television, that John/Ben hotel scene ranks right up there near the top of the "holy shit" category!

Here are this week's random thoughts:

• Nice 5 minute bonus on this episode.

• I erred last week when I thought that Locke's note was mysteriously following Jack and that Ben may have been behind its reappearance. In the pop-up video version of last week's episode, I caught that it was the airplane inspectors that found the note in the coffin and gave it to the flight attendant for Jack.

• I don't like anything to do with compound fractures. I hope I never experience one. My superstitious side says that I'll have one now that I've mentioned it. I seem to jinx myself that way. I always thought that I ended up with my large Adam's Apple because I said I never wanted something so gross when I saw one on my brother's friend when I was little.

• So creepy bald black guy (and now dead creepy bald black guy) worked for Widmore. I had thought he might be a spirit guide like Jack's father.

• Walt is having dreams about Locke back on the island in a suit? Are we done with Walt?

• I love it how Hurley doesn't know if people who visit him are dead or alive.

• All this jumping through time is confusing! Four days to Locke is three years to the Losties but decades to Widmore.

• Was Penny born on the island? Who is her mother?

• It was confirmed that the portal off of the island is in Tunisia. The Dharma polar bear was there and Charlotte's expedition may have led to the discovery and Widmore setting up the camera. Remember Ben knew the hotel person in Tunisia in an episode a while back? He's moving back and forth through time. Is that how the Others got off the island, too? Remember Tom the fat gay guy that was in New York and was after Michael? Did they come and go through the time portal or the submarine? Did Juliet get to the island on the submarine or was she placed there after coming through a portal somewhere?

• It was also confirmed that Charles Widmore was who Locke met when he was 17. If Widmore knew that the Oceanic flight was going to crash on the island (he sent creepy bald black guy to get Locke on the flight), why didn't he get on the flight himself?

• What is the war that Widmore is referring to? Ben was just a boy on the island when he killed all the Dharma folks and joined the Others. Was Ben recruited by the "good" or "bad" people somewhere along the way? At this point, it certainly seems as though Ben and Widmore are on opposite sides of things.

• Who is Ben working for? Where does he get all this cash to live and pay folks to follow people like Sayid around the world?

• The Ajira plane did crash.

• There was a flash on the plane before the crash and the Losties disappeared. Did that flash put our survivors on the plane in the same time as the survivors (Sawyer, Juliet) left behind. I think so. That could mean that Locke is in a different time with the rest of the Ajira plane's passengers. The pilot is in Locke's time since they said he took the flight manifesto and hit the jungle.

• Are the Ajira survivors in a Dharma station? What station are they in? Why don't they seem to be in survival mode like the Oceanic folks were?

Speak up, you Losties, and tell me what I missed!


Anonymous said...

Is Christian Shepard alive on the island? (Christian's coffin was empty when Jack found it in Season 1.) He certainly looks corporeal, but it could just be the island...

Does the manner in which you die depend on whether or not the island can bring you back to life. Locke was strangled, but I think Jack's father had a heart attack.

It makes the head spin, but I love this show!!


Y | O | Y said...

Jeremy--I think Christian is dead because he couldn't move the wheel of fortune at the bottom of the well himself. I think he is a spirit guide, and perhaps one of the whispers we hear in the jungle before something happens.

With Locke, I believe he's still dead in our timeframe. I think he flashed back in time to when he is still alive when the rest flashed down to the island. Maybe, because he was dead, he flashed to a different time with the Ajeera survivors. Are we all souls, with bodies that serve us on Earth?

Alan said...

I think that the 316-ers are at a Dharma station. It isn't clear which one, but I think the symbol on the front of the file folder that whatshisname had in that office had a Hydra on it, meaning they're actually on the nearby island at the Hydra station, from several seasons ago, not the big island with the rest of the stations.

I think. But it's LOST so I'm probably wrong. :)

So did you think Ben killed Locke because he found out Jin was alive and could use that info to get Sun to go back, or because Locke knew about Mrs Hawking? I thought it was the latter, but some folks seem to think it was the former. I don't think that theory makes much sense, though.

I think Ben and Widmore are on opposite sides, but they both seem to know Mrs Hawking. Is she a third "side" or just a neutral party? If Widmore knows about her then why didn't he talk to her and end up on the Ajira flight too, if he wants to get back to the island so badly? I think with both Ben and Widmore we've gone past trying to figure out which one is "bad" and which one is "good" they both have agendas, and whether or not they're good or bad depends on whether or not they need to use you for their own purposes, I guess.

Before Ben kills Locke, he talks about getting everyone together and then seeing what they can do, and he makes it sound like he's not sure how to actually get back. But then Locke mentions Hawking, and Ben goes all Boston Strangler on him. Did Ben really not know how to get back? Was that what he meant when he told Locke that the price for moving the island was that he couldn't come back ... because he didn't know where it would end up? So then, did finding out about Hawking let Ben know that *now* he does have a way back?

But at this point how can it be possible that Locke ever believes Ben? I mean, this isn't the first time Ben tried to kill Locke (shot him and left him in the mass Dharma grave.) They should all have "Do NOT trust Ben, he ALWAYS lies" tattooed on their foreheads. :)

Y | O | Y said...

Alan--My impression was that Ben needed Locke to get back and as soon as he spilled the beans about Mrs Hawking, that was the info that Ben needed and Locke became expendable.

Your point about Widmore is similar to mine. If he wanted to get back on the island, why didn't he hop on either of the flights?

Maybe they know how to get to and from the island as long as they know where it is...and since Ben moved it, he needed to figure out where it is to get back.

If Widmore is in cahoots with Hawking, since he sent them all there to get back, why doesn't Hawking kill Ben when he shows up? Maybe she is an impartial gatekeeper.

Good call on them being at the Hydra station. Locke wasn't there...does he know it exists? He doesn't seem too concerned about where he is and trying to find "his people." If Ben is in the Ajira's hospital, did he crash or flash? Did Locke crash or flash? We still need to see where Sayid and the pilot are.

So much to think about!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the other Island...

Remember the outrigger canoe that Kate and Sawyer used to flee from that island a few episodes back?

Remember the recent episode where the left-behinds found their camp messed up and an Ajira Airlines water bottle? And outrigger canoes? And remember they were shot at by another outrigger canoe? Maybe the other canoe was from Locke's Ajira group. If so, why would they aggressively go after particular persons who they thought stole their boat?

Was the name of the young woman (who held a rifle to Daniel Faraday back at the hanging bomb) Ellie? Would that be Eloise Hawking? In that scene, Faraday expressed that she looks familiar. And in other scenes he sends Desmond to find his "Mom" -- Eloise Hawking.

I think Linus and Whidmore are both ruthless -- neither of them good. And maybe their time travel enables them a means for endless cash. Ms. Hawking seems to be a game show host and Ben and Charles are mere contestants...

And what is with the hoodie or dark blanket that Locke was under? The symbolism just seems so witchy.


Y | O | Y said...

Mary--Good memory on the outrigger and beach camp scenes. There's too much to remember!

With the Ellie connection, do you think Faraday was born on the island?

I noticed the symbol on the hoodie, too. Was it a plane blanket with the Ajira logo on it? Maybe the pop up video version next week will tell us.

Alan said...

Ah, you're right.... I'd forgotten that Locke had never been to the Hydra island. I assume he knew it existed ... someone must have mentioned it.

I'm pretty sure Ellie is Eloise, but is Charles Widmore Daniels daddy? Everyone on this show seems to have daddy issues, so it would only be appropriate to have Daniel's dad be Widmore.