Friday, March 27, 2009

Latest Siena Poll In The NY 20th Congressional Had Democrat Ahead

The Siena Institute has released their latest poll in the race for New York's 20th Congressional district.

In the first poll, Assemblymember Jim Tedisco (R) led businessman Scott Murphy (D) by 25%.

In the second poll, Tedisco led Murphy by 4%.

In the third and current poll, Murphy now leads Tedisco by 4%.

Kirsten Gillibrand (D), who was the former Congresswoman in the district who was elevated to New York's junior U.S. Senator to fill Hillary Clinton's spot, still enjoys a 75% favorable rating in the GOP-heavy district. Murphy is riding her coat tails a bit with her popularity and endorsement.

The other day I mentioned that President Obama endorsed Murphy and sent an email to people in the district. Vice President Biden has just cut a radio commercial that will also be in rotation in the district.

I participated in a conference call about a week ago and learned that TV is cheaper that direct mail in the district so we are seeing the two contenders slug it out on the air.

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