Thursday, March 26, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


I'm not sure what to make of this week's episode. I didn't think much happened.

• It occurred to me that the Left Behinders have had the opportunity to get out of Dharmaville via the sub for the past three years but chose to stay. I guess that's what they were getting at a couple of episodes back when Juliet agreed to stay for two weeks and never left.

• Sayid the chicken killer is a mess. I love how he spilled the beans under the truth serum but I knew he was going to tell all and they would think it was the medicine talking.

• Talk about screwing up the future...Sayid shooting Ben? Ben will live (see the video above), perhaps saved by Jin waking up and taking him back to the barracks. Maybe Jack will perform surgery and save his life...again.

• Speaking of the Untangled video, when they go to torture Sayid, they threw sugar cubes at him. Isn't that old-school LSD?

• Now about little Ben. The Left Behinders know who he why haven't they taken an interest in trying to shape his life so he doesn't become a sociopath? Why haven't they killed him? Remember that Ben said a couple of seasons ago that Juliet was meant for him? We thought it was as a wife, maybe it was for something else?

• Juliet finally had a chance to talk with Kate about Sawyer. Sawyer reassured Juliet has nothing to worry about — but for how long? I mean, Kate didn't travel 30 years back in time, to an isolated island, and leave Aaron behind only to come up empty handed.

• Who is Ethan's father? I don't think it's Horace.

• There are online rumors that the show is currently shooting a wedding scene that will be included in the finale. It is going to take place on the mainland and be Asian since they are recruiting Asian extras for the scene. Some speculate that Aaron will marry Jin and Sun's baby in the future. Others think we will see Jin and Sun getting married in the past. We still haven't seen Sun's mother so maybe we'll see her father getting Mrs. Hawking! Just an idea.

Well, Losties, did I miss something big? Tell me!


Alan said...

I'm pretty sure young Ben is still alive because you can't change the future, as Faraday keeps telling everyone.

Only Desmond can change things because he's special.

BTW, looking at Sayid makes me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

The left-behinders probably opted to stay on the island out of faith of rescue rather than fleeing by submarine to an eternal past world.

The book little Ben gave Sayid was entitled "A Separate Reality" --a hippy-era book about seeing life through magic mushrooms. Remember Locke and his sweat lounge? --the guy administering the sugar cubes to Sayid emerged from a TeePee.

Why did Sayid shoot little Ben? To make Ben a Hostile? No --hostiles don't age. Right? So did Sayid think his "purpose" was to save everyone by killing Ben? Didn't Mr. Ekko have a "purpose"? ... Old Smokey may be after Sayid.

Jack will no doubt make sure little Ben lives to see adulthood because he is the only one who knows island secrets.

And remember on the Ajira plane...
Jack: "How can you read?"
Ben: "My mother taught me"
I wonder if Ben's retort meant that Juliet got all maternal. Or maybe Ben hooks up with real mom in the Hostile's camp.

Speaking of Hostiles... why is it that sometimes they look like savages and other times they are all gussied up?

And another thought: Did Jin and the Panda and the boss's daughter having a boy episode ever resolve? Who was he working for? When was it?


Jodi said...

Sawyer makes me happy...just thought I'd share.

OK..onto Sayid. I saw it coming after the flashback when Ben called him a killer. I thought Sayid was HYSTERICAL when he was telling the truth. Good thing no one caught on about his "ask Sawyer" slip.