Thursday, March 19, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


This week's episode seemed to be a bit of a bridge episode.

• Okay, so we found out that Ben, Frank and Sun are in 2007...and none of them flashed in time. They are with Ceasar and Police Woman in that time frame. This helps with Sun not knowing Jin when she meets him later and marries him but why wasn't she "special enough" to flash with the others?

• So Ben wasn't incapacitated in the crash. Sun solved that problem with a paddle to the head, and admitted that she's liar in the process! Who is Sun? Who is her father? Remember her father knows Widmore? Here's a wild her father Dharma's Peter Chang aka Marvin Candle?

• Dharma is building the Swan station. I expect that we will find out why it was built, if the 108 minutes was functional or a psychological test, etc. Sawyer asked Alpert if he buried jughead the bomb. I thought that was at the bottom of the Swan station but maybe not if the Hostiles buried it but Dharma build the Swan.

• Old Smokey greeted Sun and Pilot on the big island at the submarine dock but didn't bother them. And then Jack's father showed up and told Sun she had a long journey ahead. Is she going back to 1977?

• And, speaking of Ethan in the last post. Baby Ethan survives the purge which means that not all Dharma die.

• Now, where is Faraday?

• The love quadrangle is heating up.

• Hurley is the Chef! I suspect there will be a lot of burgers and fires on the menu!!!

• Baby Ben is tending to Sayid in the jail. He's even a creepy kid. I wonder if adult Ben remembers his interaction with Sayid as a child?

Okay, Losties, now it's your turn. Speak up!


Anonymous said...

I got it! Spoiler Alert! It all came to me in a dream last night! It is just that when I woke up I couldn't remember how it all fit together.

"Canton Ranier"
Selfless acts of good for the betterment of lives of others reincarnates to a better life. Hence the "WorkMan," Book of Laws, etc. Charlie and Locke (and Sawyer) gave their life for others. Kate most likely gave Aaron to Grandma. Jin gave the ring (from his dead finger) to Locke. Hugo bought all Ajira tickets ... And on the other end, Christian is trying to help others so he can proceed out of his dark hole. And the Smoke Monster is the lowest form of life.

And the Dharma Initiative is to reincarnate, but they aren't having too much luck getting them to pop out.


I really think that the Dharma initiative is to be able to change events by traveling back in time.

Sun is rising. She is a powerful woman and has a goal. Is it finding Jin? Or, is she a Whidmore and Linus rival? Is little Sun in 1977 with little Ben? And, why wasn't she afraid of "Old Smokey?"

Was baby Miles put on a submarine to Encino?

Maybe baby Ethan wasn't Horace's. Maybe that is why he wasn't there to see him born (the whole Ankh-dynamite-drinking scene). Maybe that is why he survived the purge.

Baby Ben wanted to go with the Hostiles but Richard said he wasn't ready. His curiosity probably drew him to imprisoned Sayid. If Ben has constant contact with Richard, he will know Sayid" isn't who he says he is".

Which brings me to: What is the relationship with little Ben and the Oceanics? Remember big Ben said that Juliette is his? Does Juliette take care of him in 1977? I wonder how many times the Oceanics tried to kill him with no luck.

Ahh.. and Sawyer is in charge. Poor "workman" Jack. That scene was funny.

What happened to Bernard and Rose?

And why does the Dharma astrophyisist has different aliases -- Pierre Chang, Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund, Edgar Halliwax?


Y | O | Y said...

Mary--You reminded me of something I had thought of during the past week.

I think the Bible says that when Rapture(?) occurs, those that are saved will simply vanish before everyone's eyes. Sounds a bit like what happened on the Ajira flight. Hmmm.

And we still have to see how Miles gets his powers of talking to the dead. Does he just have the ability to decipher what the whispers are saying?

Alan said...

It will be pretty interesting if the reason that (old) Ben knows so much, if the reason his plans always work out, if the reason he's always one step ahead of everyone is because he talked to the Losties and already knows the future, which cannot be changed.

Alan said...

Holy Multiple Posts, Batman! Not sure how that happened.

Y | O | Y said...

Alan--those were all you? Shoot, I thought I was getting popular!