Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ed Weaver Is A Nitwit: FINAL

Over the years, I have posted about a local conservative nut in the local newspaper The Record. My posts, which have been increasingly infrequent because I've just been tired of fighting the same old bullshit, have run their course and will now end.

In two recent columns, Ed Weaver has echoed Rush Limbaugh's call for the failure of President Obama.

The following is the email I sent to the paper's publisher informing him of our lack of renewal:

I have received several mailings and a phone message regarding the status of my renewal of The Record. Our family has taken The Record for over 40 years, and it saddens me that we will not be renewing.

As the Publisher, I think you should know the reason. Simply, it is your columnist Ed Weaver. I've held my nose for years regarding his regurgitation of Rush Limbaugh, but his recent declarations that he wants the U.S. President to fail have gone too far. I just cannot bear to think that any money that we give to The Record goes in any way, no matter how small, to pay his salary.

The irony, of course, is that when The Record eventually closes up shop, it will be Mr. Weaver who elbows his way to the front of the unemployment and social security lines to collect his "socialist" checks.

If the President fails, it won't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, the taste of dog food is the same.

I'd say that "I hope you fail," but I'm above the negativity that The Record evidently supports. I wish you well, even if we disagree.
With that, we will not be receiving The Record any more.

(Some of you may remember that I also canceled my subscription to The Wall Street Journal when Rupert Murdoch took control.)

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Tater said...

A very respectful and well written missive. I imagine they won't give a rat's ass though, as they hired him in the first place. I applaud your action though!

Y | O | Y said...

I received a letter back basically saying that they give voice a range of ideas...blah blah blah. Our next door neighbor was laid off last year after 31 years of service so I know they are hurting.

I was inclined to support the local paper but enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

It's a free country--they're free to print their bilge, and you're free to NOT pay for it. BTW, you should read the Idaho Statesman's editorial page--if I didn't want the local ads, I'd cancel them in a heartbeat. As it is, I won't read it until my blood pressure med has kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering--if you're like me, it's hard to imagine starting the day without a newspaper. I hope you find a good substitute.
--Alex (the dinosaur)

Y | O | Y said...

Alex--If money wasn't an issue, I'd subscribe to USA Today. I'm also considering the weekend NY Times but will probably end up with the Albany Times Union.