Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Morning Mish Mash

There's a lot of things rolling around in my head with a lack of motivation to delve in and do research, find quotes, etc. Allow me to purge in sound bites...

World Politics
• The United Nations vote on North Korea: The Security Council veto of the condemnation of the North Korean missile launch baffles me. Isn't it in everyone's best interest that their nuclear program gets halted? If Russia and China have better solutions, put them on the table. Or is it that they aren't worried because the missiles won't fly their way? Let's give Georgia and the Dalai Lama some nuclear bombs and then block their condemnation resolutions in the U.N. I'm sure this is how folks feel about the U.S. vetoing every measure that hints of being anti-Israeli.

• Speaking of Israel, fucking stop building settlements in occupied territory. You are part of the problem.

• Speaking of Israel, sorry Mr. Netanyahu, preventing Iran from getting the bomb is not our priority #2. Yes, it's important, but stop dictating our foreign policy, thank you very much. Get your own shit in order (see above bullet). Why don't you say it's Germany's #1 priority? Because you'd be laughed off the planet. Instead, you make us pay for being your ally by dragging us down your crazy rat hole.

• Speaking of Iran, you people are crazy, too. What color is the sky in your world?

• Speaking of crazy, the only reset button I wish we'd hit regarding Venezuelan relations is the one on top of Hugo Chavez's head. With a big wooden mallet.

• Speaking of Hugo Chavez, now the dumbass wants U.S. oil companies to come in and help them develop their oil fields because his lame-ass government can't do it themselves. You know, after he nationalized everything and ripped off all the companies to the tune of billions of dollars.

• It makes me feel good that President Obama is being met with such support. That is one of the reasons I voted for him...I was sick of seeing dickweed Bush bumble through Europe with one finger up his nose, one up his ass, all the while looking into Putin's eyes to see his soul. Now enough of them blowing smoke up our asses and start helping us! Our European alliances always seems to be one way.

• Speaking of the European alliance, isn't it about time we pulled our troops out of Germany? I mean, how much money are we spending over there to "protect" Europe. The main threat to them is that Russia will freeze them to death by withholding natural gas, not by sending the red army marching across the continent.

Pop Culture
• Dancing With The Stars: Mark Ballas is my favorite of the professionals, but I like the chick from The Bachelor as my favorite contestant.

• American Idol: I'm only into the gay guy Adam. The other guy that I kinda like, Kris, seems to have a tongue that is too big for his mouth. Oh, and it's time to end the sympathy votes and send the blind guy home.

That is all.


Sean said...

That tongue may be too big for his mouth but not for other things! I like Kris and the guy can move.

Lacey said...

I also like Kris. Adam...not so much. Did you ask my opinion? He's like a character in a play. Right now he's playing ROCK STAR from 1989. Black nail polish? Come on. It's the new millenium. Plus nine. Sorry, just my opinion.

Brian Finch said...

I just watch for Paula. It's a crazy world out there.