Thursday, April 02, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


I love these Untangled videos!

We wrapped up some loose ends in this Kate-centric episode.

• Well it was pretty obvious what was going to happy with shot little Ben. Jin would wake up and bring him back to the Barracks for a quick turn on the operating table. The surprise, however, was Juliet doing the surgery instead of Jack. And Jack going all John Locke on us with his new-found idea that the island is in charge and he's merely a pawn who doesn't know his purpose. Yet.

• Cassidy, on the other hand, was a surprise. Kate fulfilled Sawyer's request and took care of his spawn Clementine.

• Hurley stumped Miles on the time line. It's about time they all sat down and had a conversation where they tried to figure out the whole mess. I don't feel so bad that I can't put it all together since they can't either. Of all the "intellectuals" on the island, it is Hurley who's thought most about it.

• I was confused when Kate was in the car with Aaron and he wanted some milk. I thought this was after she took off from the dock where they all congregated to go back to the island and she was having none of it. But, Sayid got in the car with them but he wasn't there during the trip to the grocery. I'm unclear when all this happened.

• Nice to find out why they didn't kill little Ben. It's lame, but they save him as a boy because he is innocent regardless of what he grows up to be. So would they save little Hitler?

• Jack tempts destiny by refusing to operate on shot little Ben.

• Juliet found out that Jack and Kate were engaged off-island. Will she use that to keep Sawyer in check? She may not need to since Sawyer admitted to Kate they would never have made it as a couple.

• I'm still not digging Matthew Fox's shaved body.

• Odd that Kate and Sawyer handed over someone else's child. Shouldn't that be a decision the father is involved in?

• Who is the other Other? They mentioned Charles in there, too...another reference to Charles Widmore.

• Richard said Ben would be forever like them if he was left with the Others. Did Richard take him down into Old Smokey's cave like the Frenchies and he'll be changed like them? Is Ben alive or like Claire and Christian?

• John Locke still looks dead when he's alive!

• Next week, Old Smokey passes judgment on adult Ben! But, does Smokey kill the good ones or the bad ones?

Well, Losties, tell me what's on your mind!


alto said...

"John Locke still looks dead when he's alive!"

Thank you!

I have been trying for quite awhile to figure what that whole thing was and my recoiling at random moments when viewing him. You are so right!

ArichNY said...

I'm amazed that Sayid missed his mark. He can kill all these others, but miss the heart of poor innocent Ben?

Y | O | Y said...

Al--I know, he's got that wide lip-less crease of a mouth that looks like it is sewn shut.

Rich--Maybe Sayid hit him perfect but the island saved him. Remember how Michael couldn't kill himself after Ben let he and Walt go back to NY?

ArichNY said...

Ai! Ai! Ai!!! True..a possibility. I forgot about how Michael couldn't kill himself. What's with that? I'm more and more confused, but loving it! And Hurley is my favorite . . . he's the BOMB!

Anonymous said...

Claire is still alive? How does Kate know?

The Sayid in the car thing I missed. Was it supposed to be happening all at the same time? I just thought it was a flash back. Hmmmm....Are you fvcking with us?

That Hurley and Miles scene had me roflmao.
It sounded like they could have cut the lines out of any Lost blog and pasted them right into the script.

Save the kid? Wha? Instead they save the mad man. I thought the same thing as you --What if he were Hitler or Saddam? or even Madhoff or Octomom? Am I passing too much judgement? (Did you ever see the movie, "Last Supper"?)

I'm with you on the shaved body thing.

Where does Widmore hang out on the island? Is he in the temple with Old Smokey? Is Ellie with him?

Remember at the porthole Ms. Hawking asked if Ben brought everyone? And also said something like, "can't trust that one", referring to Ben? Is she the one who will judge him? Why isn't she with Widmore? Or is she.

Why was Richard in regular clothes? And why doesn't he share his wardrobe with the others?


Jodi said...

I thought it was cool that Hurley had Miles not know the answer to a question. I was ROTFLMAO when Hurley was staring at his hand. Too funny!

I guess they answered the question though about how Ben would not know it was Sayid that shot him when he was a kid. Since Richard said he would forget everything up to that point. BUT, I don't think that is true because Ben remembers his childhood friend etc. So I'm still confused. Does he know that Sayid shot him? Also that woman freaked me out in the supermarket. I know she was supposed to remind Kate of Claire but she looked like an old version of her. Weird.