Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Spring Time!

First of all, happy mother's day!

It's beginning to look like May around here. The trellis is out of storage, the hummingbird feeder is up, and the bird houses are ready for occupants. I have two of these bluebird houses up, one on each side of the trellis, in hopes that we'll get some this year. I have cleaned out the beef fat from the suet feeder for the woodpeckers, and replaced it with halved oranges instead as I hear that bluebirds and orioles like orange citrus.

My brother lives 10 minutes from us and he's already seen hummers and bluebirds but nothing here yet. Last year, the wrens built their nests in these houses. They build one they actually use and the other as a decoy nest.

You can see the lilacs in the background. They are starting to turn purple and will be in full bloom by Memorial Day.

Yesterday we had a downpour of rain and the shrubs and flowers will be happy for it.

Today's job is to move the snowblower from the garage to the shed since I think we've passed any chance of a late snowstorm!


Anonymous said...

I spent yesterday RE-planting sugar snap and snow peas and covering them with a cage of chicken wire and lath to keep the quail out (they totally devastated the first planting).
Then, I saw my black-chinned HUMMINGBIRD for the first time; the feeder has been out for 3 weeks but I hadn't seen a bird.
Today the wall-o-water stuff went in (tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, peppers) so yeah, it's REALLY Spring now!! (And about damned time...)

evilganome said...

We've been getting lots of birds here. No bluebirds though in the city. My lilac is already in full bloom, I doubt there'll be much to look at come Memorial Day.

I really need to start feeling the garden urge, I've been way too lazy so far this spring.

Mark H said...

WOW! IF ONLY we had fruit-eating birds...I'd love to see an Oriole. OUR hummers are here now by the dozens and young are fledging. Next 6 days are SUNNY warm...looks like yard work for Rodger, and whatever I can get done. It's a fabulous time. **WE have had 2 birdhouses up for years, and they've never been matter HOW we place them. I don't know what that means...wish I did. Thanks for inspiring me about spring, Gav, hope all's well. Are you watching the HBO series on Alzheimers?