Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Thought On LOST

Okay, so the web is abuzz that Jacob is actually Locke.

Is it possible, then, that when they said that John had to die for everyone to be saved, it wasn't that he had to die in L.A. as he did rather that Locke/Jacob has to die?

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mary said...

Or could it be that Jacob is Locke's father?

According to Locke's grandomther, Locke's father is supposed to have been too old for his mom. She made that remark after the labor and delivery while Richard was peering through the viewing window. But the guy he gave his kidney to didn't seem that much older than him.

And Ben said, "he isn't who we thought he was" after finding out he couldn't kill his "father". Eventually Sawyer killed him because he was the guy who conned his family. So, in order for Locke to be ultimately "important" he has to get rid of his father? And maybe he has to die to do it?