Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TV Tuesday On Wednesday: American Idol

Kris won the coin toss and opted to sing second in front of 7,000 people at the Kodak Center.

My comments below were typed real-time and I'm surprised that the judges agreed with me on most observations — sometimes even using the same words!

In Order Of My Preference

Adam Lambert
Song 1 (Best of the Season): Mad World
• there new instrumentation on this version?
• Mesmerizing.
• Flawless.
• Understated compared to most of his performances.

Song 2 (Simon Fuller's Choice): Change Is Gonna Come
• Screech and tongue fest; his voice certainly does fill the room!
• Rendition with stripped-down instrumentation.
• His screechy style reminds me of Michael Jackson's persistent "Woo" in all his songs. I suppose it's a good thing to have a trademark sound.

Song 3 (AI Song/Written by Judge Kara DioGuardi): ?
• Kara's song had a ton of words and it seemed difficult to sing.
• I didn't hear a single screech!
• Not one of his best.

Kris Allen
Song 1 (Best of the Season): Ain't No Sunshine
• His voice seems lost in that huge venue.
• Showing off his musical skill by playing the piano.
• I liked it but it wasn't fantastic.

Song 2 (Simon Fuller's Choice): What's Going On?
• Continued with the instruments...guitar this time.
• Vocals were typical Kris.
• He seems so laid back.
• Sitting in a chair, playing the guitar and singing seems like the performance by a really talented person down the street in a bar.

Song 3 (AI Song/Written by Judge Kara DioGuardi): ?
• The song's lyrics seem to fit his wholesome image.
• No instrument, and he's working to invigorate his performance.

Adam's Mad World was the best of the night. I think he's earned the title of American Idol!

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Anonymous said...

We see the final here tonight so I am looking forward to it :-)