Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Question For My Readers...

Within the last 2 days, I saw a television commercial that I'm trying to find online.

Unfortunately, the best part didn't come until the end so I don't know the product.

It is a man and wife. They are talking. The man is on a balcony. The camera shot changes and it shows the entire house with a black and white cat on the ground below. The man makes some kind of statement and the cat jumps up two stories (CGI) and back down to the ground.

I think the premise is that the man has something so delicious in his hand that the cat jumps up two stories to grab a bite.

Any ideas? I couldn't find it on YouTube or with a Google video search. I want to make it my Saturday funny post.


Sean said...

Sounds like a super bowl commercial.

I'll keep a look out. I have always loved commercials, even when I was a kid. My parents love to tell anyone who'll listen that I'd be in the middle of a tantrum and would stop to watch a commercial and as soon as the commercial was over, I'd resume my tantrum.

Jodi said...

I'll keep a look out too for you.

I'm still laughing at the Doritos commercial with the little kid and his mom's date.

Tater said...

I have no idea, but now I want to see it too!

Greg said...

Was it this one?

Just catching up on your "other" news and spotted this request - sorry I didn't catch it earlier.

Y | O | Y said...

Greg-- It is but it isn't. I did see the ad again on television and found out it was for Whiskas Temptations.

However, we have an American version here w/ different actors and the cat is black and white. Once I figured out what it was for, I looked online and it hasn't been posted anywhere yet.

I'll post your version this Saturday and maybe the U.S. version will be available by then!