Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remembering Vancouver

In 2004, a month before the tsunami hit in the Indian ocean, I took a trip to Vancouver. My ex and I were staying in the Seattle area and decided to drive up.

I really loved the city. I'd seriously consider moving there if it weren't for the weather. On the bright side, all that rain makes the city's roads and sidewalks quite clean.

We spent a day walking around the shops on Granville Island. It's a bit of a tourist trap but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I remember a great art gallery there featuring a lot of work from tribesmen in the traditional British Columbia style.

Before we left, we took a drive around Stanley Park. The most visited part of the park is where the totem poles are located. I have to admit, they were a little disappointing.

This is a view of the Vancouver skyline looking south from the park.

A view looking southeast from the park.

If I can recall, this is looking north at West Vancouver (to the west of Lions Gate Bridge).

I'd love to make it back there someday!

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